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Couples therapy

All of our hopes, dreads and conflicts surface in intimate relationships.
Too often we do not recognize, accept, and appreciate our differences.  We become tangled in unconscious fantasies and beliefs which interfere with our ability to empathize and appreciate the other. We may sabotage the intimacy and drive away the person we most want to be with. In this way, we lose many opportunities for connection and growth.

There is a reason that you are in this relationship. How do we find the balance between our individual needs and the needs of the couple? How do we manage difference without undermining ourselves? How can this relationship support your growth and individuation?  Couples therapy can provide a second chance.

Through the practice of active listening and reflective feedback you can learn you can expand and newly discover your capacity for intimacy.  The tools you gain in couples therapy transfer will be useful in relationships throughout your life.

Studies have shown that couples wait an average 6 years, being unhappy, before seeking help.  The 7th year of marriage is the average year for divorce (Gottmann)
Let’s not wait...

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