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There is a lot we can do together:

Individual psychotherapy

We listen together and track the unconscious conflicts and beliefs that stop you from living a fuller life. Therapy is a relationship—we collaborate—clarify—observe, and think. Together we can challenge the forces of passivity and attitudes that tell us we can not change—it’s too late—there is no hope. We focus our attention towards what is most compelling and alive in the moment evoking curiosity and inspiring hope.

The choices we make are heavily informed by our early life experiences. Often we find ourselves lost and repeating unwanted patterns over and over; despite our best efforts to change.  Listening is a practice, an art form, and a passion. As we hear your dreams, your stories, and stories within your stories, we help you make connections between experiences you had not previously connected or integrated; thereby freeing up energy for your life.

We begin where you are.

Adolescent therapy

Adolescence is a tumultuous time for both teens and their families.  It is also a time when rapid growth occurs. This is a critical time.  Teens are often able to make use of therapy, broadening their understandings, modifying unhealthy behavior, learning to understand, cope and find new constructive ways to relate to their world.

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